Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Setting Time Aside

Life. Is. Busy.  It just is.  I'm beginning to think there is no way around that either.  However, I do believe that we have time for what is important to us.

Lately, I've been studying child rearing resources (which I hope to do a post on soon).  And all that has got me thinking.  In order to be a good parent, I first have to start with a good relationship with my Heavenly Father AND have a solid relationship with my husband.  Seems like in recent months, I've been flailing around like a fish out of water when it comes to handling motherhood.  I've got my priorities all out of whack!

I'd like take a minute to focus on the husband/wife relationship . . . We need to purposefully set aside some time with our spouse.  Whether it's a few minutes each evening to share a bowl of ice cream together after the kids go to bed or getting away for a date night every once in a while if you are so blessed to have the opportunity.  Make the time -- pick one night a week to start if that's all the time you can take.  It won't happen on it's own.  You have to do it deliberately.  Sometimes it may not be something you can plan ahead for.  You may need to be spontaneous!

I'm only just learning how important this is.  And it's not always easy to get time alone.  For example the other night,  I had just driven back from Indiana (the state, not county).  The kids were going to VBS that evening, and it occurred to me that my hubby and I might have a little "free" time just the two of us.  So I took a few extra minutes while readying the kids for VBS to set a nice table outside (in case he got home before I return from dropping off the kids).  No sooner had I gotten the table set, it started to sprinkle outside.  I just prayed our dinner wouldn't be rained out and headed over to church with the kids.  It seemed to rain harder the further from home I got.  I kept praying it would stop at least by the time I was back home.  I wasn't going to let it ruffle my feathers (which is difficult for me -- I'm a planner)!  I wasn't very far down the road and got a text from my hubby saying he was going to be 45 minutes later than he had originally thought.  My first thought was, "Our time together is dwindling away!"  But again, I calmed myself down and wouldn't let it bother me.

In the end, it all worked out -- Praise the Lord!  I had put a Post-It note on the front door directing him to the back deck which he commented on and seemed to like.  The rain was just a quick sprinkle passing through.  It actually started sprinkling again just as we needed to head back inside to retrieve the kids.

It was nice to connect a little in the middle of a busy week.  It was so nice to calmly eat dinner and not have to listen to the chaos that is sometimes present when children are around or cut food for three other people before sitting down to eat my cold dinner -- you know how that is, I'm sure.  I'm so glad the Lord brought the idea to mind and that He allowed it to come together.  Times like this make me feel better, and make me feel like I can face another day with my kids (which sometimes can become discouraging).

All that to say, daily work on your relationship with the Lord.  Think of little things that will be a boost to your marriage relationship.  But remember, you'll have to purpose in your heart and mind to set aside the time.

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