Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WOW Post - Growing Grandchidren

A while ago, I had a few people ask if I would have someone write posts, Words of Wisdom (WOW), for the Titus Two blog. Today, our posting guest will be Mrs. Red Lott. We're not sure how often WOW will be posted, but I'm sure you will enjoy them when we do post them!


Growing grandchidren is like going on a road trip, and you are in the passenger seat. The driver (parent) has all the responsibility making the necessary adjustments to keep us on the road, avoiding dangerous situations, and staying ever alert to that which surrounds the vehicle. (When I learned to drive 50 years ago, it was surprising to me that one had to be constantly making corrections with the steering wheel, and soon it became clear that driving was more than simply "aiming" in the direction one wanted to go!)

If you want to be a useful passenger you can watch for road signs or help with the map (of fidde with that GPS thingy) or be watchful for the errant deer. However, it's best to not suddenly suck in air between your teeth, or critically apply the phantom brake pedal. Remember, your role is passenger! No, you don't love your grands more than you love your own, but as a passenger you can relax & enjoy the trip a little more than the driver who is in charge. You can pray, pray, pray and pass out treats to the little ones who are riding in the back seat, completely oblivious to all that's happening here.

(Photo found on BING images.)

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  1. I love the WOW ! :)
    Thanks Miss Red