Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Twist on Grilled Cheese

Back many ages ago in Jr. High Home Ec class, we made this recipe.  It came to mind this week.  Unfortunately, my kids aren't big fans, but most kids are.  As an adult, I enjoy them once in a while -- Pizza Grilled Cheese!  The photo isn't great, but it illustrates how to make them.  I intended to put a photo of the final product on here also, but alas, I burnt the sandwich while getting lunch for my family.  I wanted to make another sandwich, but that would have required me to thaw bread from the freezer and to eat two sandwhiches!

Pizza Grilled Cheese

Sliced Bread
Oregano or Pizza Seasoning

Butter one side each of two slices of bread.  Lay one slice of bread butter side down on griddle.  Add American cheese slices (or cheese of your choice), a squirt of ketchup and a sprinkle of oregano or pizza seasoning before adding other slice of bread butter side up.  Grill on one side, then turn over and grill on the other side.

NOTE:  The amount of ketchup pictured may be a bit much.  The ketchup dripped out a little.

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