Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun Meal

During the summers growing up, my mom would make the "fun meal". She would give us cubes or slices of cheese, pepperoni, a variety of fruits and vegatables and things like toothpicks or pretzel sticks. We could make 'creations' with our food. Things like boats out of cantelope slices, caterpillers out of banana and pretzel sticks . . .

Who knows how creative your child will be!

Instead of building things with food, you can always offer food to your children in creative ways that will make them want to eat it.
Bologne & Cheese

Use cookie cutters to make fun-shaped sandwiches.

(maybe they'd even eat green beans if they were part of chili-man -- even my girls like to eat the head, arms and legs off of something)
This is absolutely BAZZAR, but I thought it might be cool for boys -- insert dry spaghetti noodles into hotdog pieces and boil according to direction.

Use english muffins to make mini pizza. Add toppings to make faces. Kids like personalizing their own pizza.

Apple slices with peanut butter and mini marshmallows

(This one cracked me up -- wouldn't it be hillarous for an 'Over the Hill' bday party?!?)

Link to directions for Rainbow Toast:

Happy Salad Vegetable Fruit Images

Even salad can be fun!
Pictures taken off internet. I apologize for the spacing issues. Blogspot has a lot of problems with that and I didn't have time to "play around" with it today.

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